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EF on the way to planting 3 million mangrove trees

EF on the way to planting 3 million mangrove trees

There has been exciting progress since the launch of Hello Zero, our vision and commitment to voluntarily offset our global carbon emissions. In particular, we are excited to share some updates about the EF Forest Initiative, one of the first of many steps to help us reach our Hello Zero goal.

EF Forest Initiative

The EF Forest Initiative is a project to create and conserve forests around the world. At the start of 2021, we partnered with our first EF Forest Initiative collaborator, Eden Reforestation Projects. Eden has been working directly with local communities in Kenya, Madagascar, and Mozambique to plant three million native mangrove trees on EF’s behalf.

2,061,498 Mangrove trees planted so far to meet our goal of three million trees in 2021

Photo provided by Eden Reforestation Projects

“Eden’s care for the planet begins with poverty alleviation, and we provide transformational income to thousands of people,” said Debra Crawford, Chief Development Officer at Eden Reforestation Projects. “In addition to experiencing the benefits of a restored environment, our employees are sending their children to school and able to afford food, clothing, and medical care. We look forward to our continued partnership with EF as we work together to restore both land and lives.”

As of August 2021, the local community members working with Eden on EF Forest sites had planted 2,061,498 mangrove trees. Each mangrove tree removes about 12.3 kilograms (27 pounds) of carbon every year or about 308 kilograms (680 pounds) over its lifetime. The trees that have been planted will eventually sequester 634,941,384 kilograms (1,399,806,138 pounds) of carbon.

1,875 Acres being reforested at EF Forest sites

Photo provided by Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden Reforestation Projects

Eden provides fair-wage employment to local community members in poverty-stricken regions by hiring and training them to plant trees and to protect their new forests. As of August 2021, 120 local community members were employed by Eden in the coastal EF Forest sites in Kipini, Kenya; Bemangoraka, Madagascar; and Xefina, Mozambique. Together, they have planted 2,061,498 mangrove trees to date, well on their way to meeting EF’s goal of planting three million trees in 2021. This involvement of the community is a key element to successful and sustainable reforestation.

120 Local community members employed at EF Forest sites

Photo provided by Eden Reforestation Projects

EF Impact Report

Our collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects for the EF Forest Initiative is the first step of many to help us reach our Hello Zero goal. Our sustainability efforts are only part of our overall impact as an organization, and we will soon start reporting on how we work with people, communities, and the planet in our inaugural EF Impact Report. Stay tuned!